Have you spotted us in the February issue of Health and Wellbeing Magazine for our DailyD Vitamin D vegan spray


FamilyD DailyD Vitamin D

DailyD Health & Wellness Magazine Feature

DailyD has been featured in the February issue of Health and Wellbeing Magazine.

Our DailyD Vitamin D 1000IU oral spray is 100% vegan, with only 4 ingredients. Our Vitamin D3 supplement helps to support your immune system, bones, teeth and muscle function.

FamilyD products were designed to help address these specific needs of the Irish and UK populations. As a result, we designed a range of Vitamin D3 formulations for; newborn babies to the elderly and special populations. The range has been designed to allow easy administration, with a choice of oral syringe, pump, sprays, or capsules helping people of all ages manage their intake requirements every day.

In Ireland, recent studies have shown that 47% of the population over 85 years old are Vitamin D deficient, It shows 27% of adults over 70 who are cocooning are deficient. As well as 20% of the Irish population of adults are deficient in the winter months.

The FamilyD Vitamin D range has:

  • Zero sugars or sweeteners
  • No bulking agents or preservatives
  • Free from gluten, lactose, or nuts.
  • Natural Orange flavour sprays
  • Tooth kind formulation
  • Easy absorption spray
  • Accurate dosage
  • Easy administration
  • Vegan spray  available

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